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                                                                               pic taken summer 2006 in Hoover, Alabama

Roger L. Blakely, Jr., born April 27, 1962 in Springfield, Ohio.  I'm a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Four, currently living in Huber Heights, Ohio with my cats Jersey and Holstein.  Favorite book...The Bible of course.  Other recommended books...CONSENT TO KILL by Vince Flynn, THE EAGLE HAS LANDED by Jack Higgins, WHAT I'D SAY TO THE MARTIANS and other veiled threats by Jack Handey.  Favorite TV shows include THE WILD WILD WEST, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, 24, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, REMEMBER WENN, and MONK.  Favorite foods include meatloaf with ketchup baked on top.  Yeah.  That's good stuff.

Working really hard to market my ARTEMUS NEWTON THRILLERS.  They are available in paperback and in eBOOK format.

On 21 or 22 January 2009 I had a big fall and crushed and dislocated my left shoulder and almost died of renal failure.  I woke up in the ICU of the hospital across the street from my work on 22 or 23 January, not knowing what had happened.  On February 5 I had partial shoulder replacement surgery and started a lifetime of physical therapy.  Wow!


                                                                Summer 2003 at Camp Doha, Kuwait across the gulf from Kuwait City


 The two main writing projects that I'm working on...CHIEF and THE NIGHT OF THE PLESIOSAURS


Middle School math and science teacher Matt Chase on vacation at Lake Conundrum, British Columbia in the YA thriller


another cover for CHIEF


cover art for ARENA, the sequel to CHIEF


Cover art for Artemus Newton Thriller #3 











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